Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pregnancy (2nd) 1st trimester

Early days of my 2nd pregnancy (2012-2013).
  • May 12:  I took a pregnancy test and discovered that I am about 2-3 weeks pregnant
  • May 17:  Called to make my first appointment (June 11) to see the doc and have an ultra sound.
  • May 20:  I have 8.5 days left of school and the nausiousness is starting to come in.
  • June 11:  Ezra and Dustin went to the doctor's visit, both got to see the heartbeat.  Ezra thought seeing the heartbeat was so cool, however if you ask him if mommy's having a baby he has no idea.  It really doesn't click with a 2 year old that his mommy's having a baby.
  • June 24:  Left for our trip to Florida knowing full well that once again I would not be able to partake in eating any seafood (where it's best to get).  Bummer yet again!  Maybe someday I'll make it to Florida or down south and not be pregnant, so I can eat some tasty lobster, shrimp, and scallops.
  • July 1:  Definitely feeling the pregnancy brain set in.  I have memory loss constantly.  And we have to search for a new childcare provider as our present one can not take the new Baby Boring.
  • July 9:  Baby Boring's heart rate is 158 beats per minute.
  • August 6:   Baby Boring is doing good and so is mommy.  Only about 16 weeks, but feeling a lot better and less gaggy at night.  My appetite is back up again and I'm eating a ton.
  • August 15:   Ezra is on his 3rd day of potty training and I'm gearing up to head back to school.  Lots of work to get done, good thing I'm in my second trimester otherwise I would be exhausted doing all this right now.

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